Whether on a business trip, at the office or on a holiday, our KS Securities trader app is available to you anytime, anywhere. We go the extra mile by providing a user-friendly interface and innovative features KS Securities is the preferred choice for automated traders. Our order matching engine located in the New York Equinix NY4 data centre processes over 500,000 trades per day with over two thirds of all trades coming from automated trading systems.

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  • Our vision
  • Safety of funds
  • Risk Disclosure

KS-SECURITES  offers constantly changing campaigns and bonuses in order to allow you make the best of Forex trading. Stay updated with the newest offers and earn more by trading with us!

Refer a Friend

At KS-SECURITES  you can earn money not only by trading! Introduce your friends and acquaintances to KS-SECURITES  and if they become active traders, you will get rewarded. Simply tell your friends about your trading experience with us and get cash to your trading account or by a transfer to your bank account. Trading Forex has never been so rewarding!

Welcome Bonus

Get rewarded for joining us! We offer our new clients a changing Welcome Bonus for their first deposit at KS-SECURITES . The size of the bonus varies from time to time and depends on your deposit. For more information about ongoing bonuses, please contact your personal manager or our Support team.

Seasonal Campaigns

KS-SECURITES  offers traders diverse campaigns and bonuses on deposits, trading lots and more. You can get rewarded with cash money, bonus money and different special surprises. Enjoy more than just excellent trading with KS-SECURITES  by getting rewarded for staying with us. For more information about the ongoing campaigns and all terms and conditions, please feel free to contact your personal manager or the Support team.

KS-SECURITES  was founded on the pillars of success, professionalism and human relations. We at KS-SECURITES  believe that our traders' success is our success, and have created our infrastructure in a way which would fit the diverse needs of our clients from all over the world. Forex trading requires professional platforms, immediate response by company representatives, efficient service and reliable management.

At KS-SECURITES , we offer our traders the newest trading platforms, the most advanced charting and execution programing in the market, and a team of professionals who will be glad to assist you with all trading issues you might have. As a part of our vision, we strongly believe in personal communication and therefore we have assembled an extraordinary team of support, analytics and marketing staff, who have a great deal of trading experience, allowing you to benefit from their knowledge and expertise.

Finally, we at KS-SECURITES  are breathing Forex trading on a daily basis and constantly renovating our infrastructure in order to provide the newest and most professional trading tools to our clients at all times.


At KS-SECURITES , we emphasize integrity as a critical part of our daily operations. Providing clients with financial security for internet trading has become a leading priority, and we have worked tirelessly to build a safe and secure trading environment for our traders at all times. All client personal details are strictly confidential, and are stored in accordance with all legal restrictions.

In order to better protect our clients’ funds, we have taken further steps by placing client funds with the third party major financial institution, segregated from KS-SECURITES ’s operating capital. The separation of client funds from company operations protects and limits the exposure of our clients from the risks incurred by the company. Client funds remain neutral, and are protected by the constant supervision by an independent third party, thus providing our clients with the peace of mind that has eluded them at other companies.

KS-SECURITES 's ECN accounts: Trades and funds are granted by an Interbank liquidity provider that ensures maximum stability and transparency over every trade opened by KS-SECURITES 's clients.

The safety of your funds is extremely important, and KS-SECURITES  has therefore taken extraordinary steps to ensure you receive the security you need.


KS-SECURITES  notices all clients and traders that leveraged trading and trading on CFDs carries high level of risk and is not suitable for everyone. KS-SECURITES  highly recommends reading carefully and understanding the above risk disclaimer before you start trading with us, or at any other Forex company. Understanding the risks of leveraged trading is essential for each and every client who decides to trade with us, and it’s the client's responsibility to learn and understand them. Moreover, we recommend researching additional resources in order to obtain all necessary information concerning Forex trading and the possible risks.

1. General Acknowledgement:

Technical issues

KS-SECURITES  will not take responsibility in case of technological issues of any kind, including server problems, connection issues, and electronic or communication issues of any kind. Among client's responsibilities for technical issues are:

  1. Hardware and software failures
  2. Poor internet connection of both client's and company's servers
  3. Wrong settings made by the customer
  4. Delayed client's terminal updates

Trading Platform

The customer acknowledges that only one order can be issued at a time, and any further orders made before receiving a confirmation notice will not be issued. The customer also acknowledges that in the case of a lack of transaction approval, the proceeding of a repeat transaction may lead to the opening of two positions instead of one.

Force Majeure

The customer agrees that in a case of force majeure the customer will absorb any financial loses at his trading account.

Capital loss

The customer acknowledges that trading Forex may lead to the loss of the entire invested capital. Therefore, the client must not invest an amount of money higher than what he is willing to lose.

Online Trading

Online transactions, money transfers and trading carries risks. The customer should know that the online networking is exposed to hackering and other malicious sabotages.


The information presented at this website or at the links on this website is only general and cannot be treated as absolute. It is the customer's responsibility to require all necessary information concerning issues related to Forex trading from the company, and it is the company's responsibility to provide all non-confidential information it obtains concerning Forex trading.

2. Foreign Exchange Trading Risks:

Leveraged Trading

Trading on leveraged products causes significant changes in clients' accounts even if the trading instrument shows only minor change. This way, even minor changes may lead to great losses. In order to reduce risks, it is recommended to maintain a margin of not less than 1,000%, and place Stop Loss in order to manage possible losses.

High Volatility

In certain times and certain products, high volatility market is expected. Therefore, in some cases, a Stop Loss order may not be possible to execute, and in extreme market conditions the customer may suffer greater than expected losses.


In some cases orders may not be executed at the requested price due to low demand, or too fast price movements. This may happen in times of extreme market conditions and fundamental announcements. KS-SECURITES  will then execute the order at the closest possible price to the requested price.

Foreign Markets

Markets which the customer is not familiar with, may care hidden or unexpected risks. It is the customer's responsibility to be aware of all risks of Foreign markets relevant to him.


Okly capital guaranteed a fund of KS-SECURITES  fund investment up to 970,000 pound per client.  Kärntner Ring 11 - 13, Top 472, 1010 Wien , Österreich Company number 117565

Trades Execution

Under certain circumstances it may be hard or impossible to execute an order at the requested price. The customer must know that in such cases, the order will be executed at the closest available price. This may lead to gaps or losses in the position.

KS-SECURITES  is dedicated to achieving excellence. We pride ourselves in providing clients with an optimal and secure trading environment for traders of all levels. KS-SECURITES  offers a wide array of trading instruments, including Currencies, Stocks, Indices, and Commodities.

Among the many benefits of trading with KS-SECURITES :

Select desired leverage, as high as 1000:1

Low Fixed Spreads on myriad of trading symbols

Variable Spread Accounts, with spreads as low as 0.3 pip

Trade with the World’s leading trading Platform – Metatrader 5

Mobile Trading from any location in the world

Fast and Easy Deposits and Withdrawals – Various funding options for client convenience

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