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KS-SECURITES  warmly welcomes affiliates who wish to cooperate with us and join our success. We offer splendid conditions and services to our affiliates and provide them all the necessary tools to maximize the profits of their efforts.

With KS-SECURITES  you can become an affiliate even if you are not professionally trained. All you need is an access to a wide audience, a successful blog or a website, and you are ready to go. Your KS-SECURITES  personal affiliate manager will provide you with the necessary marketing tools, tailored banners and essential guidance, all in order to help you succeed.
We offer a wide range of tailored commissioning programs to our affiliates, so they can choose the most suitable and profitable program for them. CPA, revenue share, pips spreads and hybrid programs, all customized to the various needs of our affiliates and guarantee your satisfaction.

At KS-SECURITES  Affiliation program you can earn money easily and get all the assistance you need while doing it.


We at KS-SECURITES  are offering our services to Introducing Brokers who wish to expand their clients database, increase their profits and upgrade their advertising power.
Earn attractive commissions, by introducing traders to KS-SECURITES . If you have a network of traders, or any other source of directing traders to our brokerage, you can start earning high commissions in no time

KS-SECURITES  offers Asset Managers extremely appealing trading conditions. We pride ourselves in the competitive nature instilled within our culture, and therefore we can confidently say that our conditions far exceed those of our competitors. Our Multi Account Manager software(MAM) provides a platform for Asset Managers to trade on an unlimited number of accounts simultaneously, using our various allocation methods and features. For more information regarding our Partners Program for Asset Managers, please contact us at support@ks-securites.com.

KS-SECURITES  has long thrived by emphasizing relationships and partnerships in our daily operations. We feel that as our network of partners grows, all sides stand to enjoy substantial benefits from the partnership. Partner up with KS-SECURITES  today, and begin to enjoy the following advantages:


Various Commissions Structures to accommodate Partner needs

Accurate and simplified monthly Commission reports

State of the Art marketing tools

Consistent Payments made on time each month

24/5 Personal Support in variety of languages


Below is a list of our available Partners Programs. Read our brief overview, and select the program that fits you best. For more information regarding our Partners program, please contact us at any time at support@ks-securites.com.



Partners who select this commission structure, will be eligible to receive a fixed percentage of the initial deposits of each client referred to KS-SECURITES .

Revenue Share:

This commission structure will give partners commissions, which are calculated based on the trading performance of referred clients.


In order to allow our Partners to feel comfortable, KS-SECURITES  has provided the option of combining the CPA and Revenue Share commission structures.


If you feel that there is another Commission Structure that would better fit your needs, please speak to your account manager, or contact us at any time at support@ks-securites .com

Second Tier:

Refer another Partner to KS-SECURITES , and receive 10% of the amount of commission earned by the new partner.


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