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Classic Account

Open a Classic Account at KS-SECURITES, and take advantage of our extremely attractive trading conditions. Holders of Classic accounts enjoy Low Fixed Spreads on all trading symbols, allowing for a comfortable and stable trading environment. Trading with fixed spreads prevents exposure to market conditions, which can often lead to increased spreads when market conditions are volatile. For traders who prefer steady trading conditions, the KS-SECURITES Classic Account is the perfect fit for you. With a No Commission policy, KS-SECURITES puts you on the fast track to trading success

Additional benefits of the KS-SECURITES Classic Account:

  • Variety of trading symbols, including Majors and Exotic Currency Pairs, Indices, Commodities, and Stocks
  • World Class Live Online Support – Available 24/5
  • Leverage as high as 1:500
  • Expert Advisors Permitted
  • Scalping Permitted

Open a Classic Account at KS-SECURITES today, and avoid spread fluctuations without any commissions or fees. Click here to open your account.

ECN Account

Available for trading on the Metatrader 4 platform, our ECN Account is highlighted by incredibly accurate pricing, achieved by calculating the most precise averages of asset prices, which are received from 15 major liquidity providers. In contrast with our Classic Account, ECN Accounts have a variable spread, which changes in accordance with market conditions. The ECN Account at KS-SECURITES offers much more than just tight spreads. Our group of liquidity providers is composed of major Financial Institutions and Banks worldwide, enabling for the use of Straight Through Processing (STP) Execution.

STP Trading does not involve the use of a Dealing Desk, and trades are processed immediately to liquidity providers, allowing for the best execution possible. Additionally, ECN Accounts do not receive Requotes, regardless of market volatility. KS-SECURITES implements a great deal of state of the art technology, in an effort to allow for the best possible prices for our clients. Since our variable spreads can reach as low as 0.3 pips, certain commission may apply.

Open an ECN Account at KS-SECURITES, and experience the amazing execution speeds and precision pricing for yourself.

Islamic (Swap Free) Account

KS-SECURITES has introduced its new Swap Free Accounts, in accordance with Shariah Law, in an effort to allow clients who are of Muslim Origin to freely enjoy their trading experience. These Swap Free Accounts have fixed spreads, and are only available for Muslim clients.

For more information regarding Account Types and Trading Conditions, please send us an email to support@ks-securites.com.


Deposit Methods

KS-SECURITES  has established professional partnerships and relationships with some of the world’s largest banks. In turn, our clients receive access to these networks, as well as benefit from the security of funds that these institutions provide. Integrity is the underlying theme for all branches of KS-SECURITES  company operations. KS-SECURITES  continues to take all necessary actions to assure that client funds are safe and accessible at any time, per the client’s request. Below is a list of all Funding Methods currently available at KS-SECURITES .

For assistance in funding your account, please feel free to contact us at any time at support@ks-securites .com

Our multilingual team of representatives is available 24/5 to assist you with anything you may need.

Take the first step toward achieving your trading goals, and make a deposit today!

Withdrawal Methods

Making a withdrawal at KS-SECURITES  is easy and convenient. Simply fill out a withdrawal request form and send it to support@ks-securites .com

and your request will be processed within 2 business days.

If you deposited through a credit card, your withdrawal will be credited to your card in the amount the withdrawal request, up to the amount of the deposit. Any additional funds that are withdrawn will be provided to the client via Wire Transfer.

KS-SECURITES  does not charge any fees for making a withdrawal. Each client is advised to confirm with your payment solution provider if any fees are applied or charged on their end of the transaction.

In order to avoid a delay in your withdrawal request, please make sure that you have sent all necessary identification documentation, in compliance with the regulatory bodies of KS-SECURITES  and your local region as well. If you have not sent any or some of your documents, please send them as soon as possible in order to expedite your withdrawal request. Compliance documentation can be sent at any time to support@ks-securites .com

or uploaded directly through the client’s personal page on our website.

Compliance Documentation

KS-SECURITES  works vigorously to maintain a high level of integrity and security for all its traders. KS-SECURITES  is in compliance with FIAU rules and regulations for the prevention of money laundering and fraudulent monetary activities. For this reason, and in order to preserve a highly secure environment, KS-SECURITES  is required to strongly enforce specific and unilateral policies through our Compliance Department.

All new clients at KS-SECURITES  are required to send the following information for Identification Verification purposes:

  1. Proof of Identification
  2. Valid Passport
  3. Valid Driver’s License
  4. Valid National Identification Card

*Any proof of identification must be Unexpired in order to qualify to compliance approval

  1. Proof of Residence:

Documentation for proof of residence must include the client’s full name as well as full address, as stated on the document for proof of identification. The document must also be valid and recent, and must be dated within 3 months of the time sent to KS-SECURITES . Documentation for proof of residence may include any of the following:

  1. Copy of a Utility Bill, such as electricity bill, telephone bill, gas bill etc
  2. Copy of Bank Statement from a known bank
  3. Copy of a government issued document that specifies address
  4. Proof of Payment
  5. Credit Card – Copy of both Front and Back of credit card
  6. Wire Transfer – Copy of swift confirmation

*Front Side – only Last 4 digits must be visible. Back Side – only First 4 digits must be visible. 3-digit security code should be covered.

It is important that the copies of all documentation sent to KS-SECURITES  for compliance purposes are clear and easy to read. Please make sure that no corners are cut off, and that all of the pertinent information is available on the documentation.

All documentation should be sent to support@ks-securites .com, or feel free to contact us for more information.


KS-SECURITES  emphasizes technological innovations in its everyday operations. Improving and keeping up with advancements in the IT field is critical to the success of any online trading firm. Therefore, we have invested in some of the leading trading software in the world, with the goal of providing our clients with the tools they need to stay ahead of the curve. Successful trading is often materialized by the smallest margins, thereby creating a necessity for appropriate trading platforms and price feeds that can dramatically improve trading performance.

Metatrader 4

It is no coincidence that Metatrader 4 is by far the most popular and highly used trading platform in the Foreign Exchange market. MT4 has long been the dominant force across the market in part as a result of its simplicity, highly fast execution performance, and the availability of economic indicators and automated trading systems that can be incorporated into your trading strategy. Traders may implement a partially or fully automated trading strategy, through the use of Expert Advisors and Scripts to assure that their money is yielding additional profits even while traders are away from their computers. Other advantages of Metatrader 4 include but are not limited to the following:

  • Trading reports and analysis of all or partial historical data
  • Application of Expert Advisors and Scripts
  • Multiple charting system allows for analyzing various assets simultaneously
  • Available economic indicators for in depth technical analysis
  • Access to market news and information through your Metatrader account
  • Scalping and Hedging permitted
  • Multilingual interface for any of the major languages in the world
  • Email system allows for instant communication with KS-SECURITES representatives and associates And much more!

Download the KS-SECURITES  Metatrader 4 trading platform today.

MT4 Webtrader

The 21st century has seen a transition from manual trading on the world’s largest stock markets, toward a vast network of online trading brokerages, which have made global markets accessible to millions of traders across the globe simultaneously. Individual traders control their own portfolios and in turn their success and prosperity levels. It is therefore imperative that accessibility to monitor and control of such accounts are available from a myriad of access points. KS-SECURITES ’s Webtrader does just that, allowing all traders full and unlimited access to their accounts from any computer in the world. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser, and you can be connected to your trades in seconds. KS-SECURITES  has taken many steps to secure trading through our web platform, in order to assure that the safety of your funds remains secure. Take the next step to improving your results and access your account today through our Webtrader platform. If you have further questions regarding the functionality, security, or any other facet of KS-SECURITES ’s Webtrader, please contact us at any time at support@ks-securites .com

Mobile Trading

Take your trading experience to a new level with KS-SECURITES ’s Mobile Trading program. KS-SECURITES  is offering its traders the ability to access and fully control their portfolios through mobile devices. Clients now can access their accounts through iPhone and Android devices, as well as various tablets. Our groundbreaking innovations in technology have allowed us to provide a multi-faceted Mobile Trading system, which incorporates a great deal of features not otherwise available in most mobile platforms. Giving traders an advantage in applying their strategy to their accounts from any device is equally as important as providing remote access. In turn, feedback received by KS-SECURITES  has confirmed the satisfaction of traders with our software, while portfolio performance remains strong and lucrative.

In order to obtain full access to your account from the palm of your hand, all you need to do is give our Mobile Trading platform a test run now. The overall experience will enlighten you to new possibilities for success at any time and from any location.

ECN Trading Platform

ECN, or Electronic Communication Network, is a system that inhibits the trading of securities outside of a traditional stock exchange. KS-SECURITES ’s ECN system disperses the trader’s positions toward third parties, in order to find a counterpart against which the position is executed. While these positions and limits are matched via the use of the third party, the general transaction fees are much smaller than in other systems. Asset spreads are floating rather than fixed, and often vary at different times in the day, as a direct result of the level of market liquidity at any given time. Since the execution of orders through KS-SECURITES ’s ECN network are matched against other traders, there is a great deal of interest on the company’s behalf that its traders trading experience and performance are successful and therefore long-lasting.

The type of execution of trades in the Foreign Exchange market is enough to be the difference between a profitable and losing portfolio. While most standard trading account incorporate re-quotes, as a result of market movements, KS-SECURITES ’s ECN program implements a true instant execution system, where the trader’s positions are entered immediately regardless of market volatility. When market movements are sudden and often, it can be very difficult to enter a position, since the platform would continue to send new prices for the purchase or sale of a particular asset. Conversely, with KS-SECURITES ’s ECN account, the trader will be entered into the position immediately, in turn allowing for a more accurate and desirable trading performance.

Please contact us at any time at support@ks-securites .com

for more details regarding our ECN Trading Platform


Trading Conditions

Ks-securities urges each individual trader to refer to our trading conditions, in order to get the best possible understanding of the terms of trading for each asset. Information regarding spreads, leverage and margin levels, and trading hours of CFD instruments, can provide critical information that will allow for a more fluid strategy both in money management and the trading itself.


Currency Trading has taken over the global financial spectrum. In years past, accessibility to the Foreign Exchange Market had eluded many investors, and the market struggled to expand. With the new age of technology and online trading, the currency market has truly soared over the past decade. Investors can now easily create a portfolio, consisting of currency pairs, commodities, and shares. The advantages are truly substantial, and it is evident in the expanding size of the market. At Ks-securities, we offer a wide array of currency pairs, in an effort to provide our clients with as many choices as possible to incorporate into their personal portfolios.

CFD Trading

CFDs (Contract for Difference) is an agreement between 2 parties, in a futures contract, through which the differences in the price of the asset from the time the contract is purchased to the time it is sold, are to be settled through cash payments, without the physical delivery of the asset at hand. In other words, CFD traders speculate the future behavior of the asset, and open a position based on this projection. If a trader believes that the price will rise in the future, the likely result would be to buy the asset. Then, the two parties will settle solely based on the calculation of the difference in prices from the time the purchase took place, until the time when it is resold. The discrepancy in the price of the asset will determine the exact amount to be paid by one party to the other, relative to the volume of the trade.

CFD Trading has provided millions of traders from across the world with access to commodity markets, as well as other CFDs that are not accessible in the past.

At IFX4U, our clients receive access to a wide array of CFD assets, where they can speculate on the price of various assets in one convenient location. We offer CFD trading on highly traded assets, including Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, Natural Gas, and more.

IFX4U provides its traders with access to equity markets as well. A trader can take a position on some of the world’s largest indexes, including the S&P 500, NASDAQ, Dow Jones, FTSE, DAX, and much more. Moreover, equity traders can capitalize on shares, without paying high fees and commissions that are incurred when trading through an exchange


KS-SECURITES  provides clients with full access to many types of tradable commodities. Traders have access to agricultural commodities, including Wheat, Sugar, Soybean, Coffee, and much more. Agricultural commodity trading is truly fascinating, since so many factors can influence prices, and a direct correlation can often be made to such variables. For instance, the amount of rainfall in farming regions affects the expected supply and demand of each commodity. In turn, the market prices of affected commodities will be reflected.

In addition to agriculture, commodities also include natural resources, such as energy and precious metals. Consumer demand for crude oil will surely influence the price of oil across financial markets. When supply of oil becomes limited, it stands to reason that the price of oil will rise. Many factors can influence the supply of oil. For example, political turmoil in the Middle East can cause an upward pressure on the price of oil, as uncertainty rises over the stability of the supply of oil from this region to the rest of the world. Obtaining a solid comprehension of the factors affecting the prices of commodities, will almost surely improve the performance of your portfolio.


Stock Indexes from across the globe have never been more accessible to the individual trader. Leading indexes, including the NADAQ and S&P 500 are now just a click away. These prices of these indexes are composed from the variations in prices of the leading shares traded on the indexes themselves. When there are positive gains in those shares, the price of the respective index will rise, as a reflection of the rising stock prices. For traders who are unsure of the upcoming performance of a particular stock, it might make more sense to decipher clues regarding the overall sentiment in the equity markets. If the trader is able to decipher an increase in risk appetite, it makes sense that index prices will rise. If uncertainty plagues the markets at any given time, it becomes more likely that investors will practice risk aversion, and index prices are more likely to fall. Understanding the behavior of indexes can improve your results and yield higher profits. Please refer to our education center for more information on how to increase your trading knowledge and profitability.


In the past, investors were forced to contact large financial institutions, in order to gain access to stocks. At KS-SECURITES , you can incorporate stock trading within the same portfolio as your trades on other assets, including currencies and commodities. Trading stocks requires some level of knowledge regarding individual companies. While one stock may experience positive gains in any given day, another stock might not have similar results. If a company releases a quarterly performance report, showing substantial losses, the stock will likely fall. Contrarily, if another company experienced strong profits over the same time period, the stock of that company should rise in value. For this reason, trading stocks requires traders to dive in to the data, and to stay up to date regarding company operations. This will help to guide traders toward making the right decisions on which stocks to buy or sell.

Dear Client,

Please read carefully and fully understand the above agreement, as it serves as an official agreement between you and KS-SECURITES , therefore its understanding is the client's responsibility. Please not that this is a general agreement only, and additional conditions may apply. The inquiring and learning of the additional conditions is client's responsibility, while the company is obligated to provide all necessary documentation if required.

Costumer Agreement

Authorization to Trade

KS-SECURITES  will engage in Traded Contracts transactions with the Customer in accordance with Customer's oral, written or electronic instructions. KS-SECURITES  will act as the counterparty to the Customer in all such transactions. Unless instructed by the Customer to the contrary in writing, KS-SECURITES  is authorized to execute all Orders with such counterparty banks, sophisticated institutions, registered participants or KS-SECURITES  itself, as KS-SECURITES  deems appropriate.

Margins and Deposit Requirements

The Customer shall provide to and maintain with KS-SECURITES  margin in such amounts and in such forms as KS-SECURITES , in its sole discretion, may require. KS-SECURITES  may change margin requirements at any time. No previous margin requirement by KS-SECURITES  shall prevent KS-SECURITES  from increasing that requirement without prior notice. KS-SECURITES  retains the right to limit the amount and/or total number of open positions that the Customer may acquire or maintain at KS-SECURITES . KS-SECURITES  shall not be responsible for any loss or damage caused, directly or indirectly, by any events, actions or omissions including but not limited to loss or damage resulting, directly or indirectly, from any delays or inaccuracies in the transmission of orders and/or information due to a breakdown in or failure of any transmission or communication facilities. For example, in volatile market conditions, the margin call may be delayed resulting in the possibility of a negative usable margin; a margin call may occur even if positions are hedged due to currency conversion rate or daily interest.

Chargeback Policy

  1. KS-SECURITES reserves the right to charge a “150 USD research fee” if a chargeback is placed with your credit card company (either intentionally or unintentionally) for any deposit made to your account. This fee will be used to cover all investigative expenses to prove that the deposit was made by you upon receiving the chargeback from our merchant provider.
  2. All fraud including credit card fraud will not be accepted by KS-SECURITES and as such will be fully investigated and pursued under the law to its fullest extent. Any losses resulting on our behalf will be fully pursued in a civil lawsuit to claim back any losses incurred covering all business, legal fees, research costs, human resource and loss of income.
  3. We have systems installed to monitor fraudulent activities and any transactions that are detected are immediately cancelled along with any orders associated with the transaction. We have at our disposal a database of black listed users to prevent any possible fraudulent activity through our trading platform.
  4. Any chargebacks made to us will be regarded as fraudulent if no attempt is made by the client to help solve any issues related to a deposit. All unnecessary chargebacks result in costs for our company and therefore:
  5. a) When suspicious activity relating to any deposit is detected by us, the respective deposit will be placed as ‘Pending’ and fraud detection checks will be performed during this time. Access to your account will also be temporarily prohibited in order to reduce your exposure to risk.
  6. b) All reviews are generally completed within four (4) to six (6) hours; however, it may take longer for those deposits posing a potentially higher risk as more extensive fraud detection checks will be performed by our compliance department. As a backup precaution, we may also make direct contact with you. The deposit will be immediately cancelled and the funds will be refunded to the credit card in the case that the deposit is determined to be high-risk or does not comply with our Fraud and Security policies. In addition, it is at our sole discretion to close any (and all) of your accounts with us in such cases. Any active orders will be cancelled immediately if associated with the same fraudulent credit card and/or account.
  7. c) Any chargeback case that is made against our company and is not successful will result in the sum being reimbursed to us along with charges for research and processing totaling 300 USD (the '150 USD research fee' as mentioned above and an additional '150 USD administrative processing fee'). Through this agreement you hereby give permission for any charges to be made to your credit card; if these charges are in anyway disputed, we reserve the right to take any legal action necessary in order to recover any losses associated with these claims.
  8. d) Any charges that are made against us and result as inconclusive will be passed to a third party agency for collection and the appropriate credit bureaus will be informed of your actions, leading to your credit rating being affected for a minimum period of 7 years. Once the case reaches this stage, no settlement of your debt will be accepted, we will only accept full payment. Your local police department will also be informed and all necessary action will be taken as allowed by law. In addition, we will exercise our right to block your on-line Trading facility and terminate your account with us. Consequently, any profits or revenues may be seized and we reserve the right to inform any third party. We are continually developing tools to monitor any fraudulent activity and any cases from such activity will be decided on by ourselves and any decision made shall be final and non-negotiable.
  9. e) We reserve the right to deduct the disputed amount until any investigation from our side is completed.
  10. Fraud is taken very seriously by KS-SECURITES , all IP addresses are monitored and logged and any fraudulent chargebacks will be investigated fully under the law.

Liquidation of Accounts

In the event of:

  1. the death or judicial declaration of incompetence of Customer;
  2. the filing of a petition in bankruptcy, or a petition for the appointment of a receiver, or the institution of any insolvency or similar proceeding by or against Customer;
  3. the filing of an lien against any of Customer's accounts carried by KS-SECURITES ;
  4. insufficient margin, or KS-SECURITES determination that any collateral deposited to protect one or more accounts of Customer is inadequate, regardless of current market quotations, to secure the account;
  5. Customer's failure to provide KS-SECURITES any information requested pursuant to this agreement (for example KYC); or
  6. any other circumstances or developments that KS-SECURITES deems appropriate for its protection, and in GM KS-SECURITES sole discretion, it may take one or more, or any portion of, the following actions:
  7. satisfy any obligation Customer may have to KS-SECURITES , either directly or by way
  8. sell any or purchase any or all currency contracts, securities or other property

iii. cancel any or all outstanding orders or contracts, or any other commitments of guaranty of surety, out of any of Customer's funds or property in its custody or control or in the custody or control of any KS-SECURITES  affiliate; held or carried for Customer; and made with Customer. Any of the above actions may be taken without demand for margin or additional margin, without prior notice of sale or purchase or other notice to Customer, Customer's personal representatives, heirs, executors, administrators, trustees, legatees or assigns and regardless of whether the ownership interest shall be solely Customer's or held jointly with others. In liquidation of Customer's long or short positions, KS-SECURITES  may, in its sole discretion, offset in the same settlement or it may initiate new long or short positions in order to establish a spread or straddle which in KS-SECURITES  sole judgment may be advisable to protect or reduce existing positions in Customer's account. Any sales or purchases hereunder may be made according to KS-SECURITES  judgment and at its discretion.

Carrying Positions Forward

A position will be carried forward at the initial execution price until it is eventually closed by the Customer or by KS-SECURITES  under the provisions of Liquidation of Accounts. Consistent with KS-SECURITES  policy, a position that is carried forward may be credited or debited interest charges until the position is closed.

Settlement Date and Rollover

The Customer authorizes KS-SECURITES  to rollover all Open Positions in the Customer's Trading Account, at the Customer's risk, into the next settlement time period upon such terms as KS-SECURITES  determines in its sole discretion. The positions will be rolled over by debiting or crediting the Customer's Trading Account with the amount calculated in accordance with the Company's Rollover/Interest Policy.

Deposit/Withdrawal Transactions

  1. KS-SECURITES shall neither receive nor disburse Customer's funds in cash currency. All transactions between the Customer and KS-SECURITES shall be performed by wire and/or credit card (if applicable) or other method in which the identities of both the sending and receiving parties can be verified by KS-SECURITES  and which KS-SECURITES  in its sole discretion shall deem appropriate. KS-SECURITES  shall not accept deposits from any third party to the Customer's account; KS-SECURITES  shall not withdraw any funds from Customer's account to any third party. KS-SECURITES  shall perform wire transactions only between Customer's KS-SECURITES  account and another account which is held in Customer's name or of which Customer clearly demonstrates ownership to KS-SECURITES .
  2. Deposits and Withdrawals to/from Trading Accounts are done during the working hours of the Company’s Back Office Department. The Company assumes the responsibility to process withdrawal requests within three business days from their receipt.
  3. The Client has the right to withdraw any amount from his/her Trading account assuming this does not create a compulsory close of any open positions due to insufficient margin.
  4. Withdrawals can only be sent via the same money transfer method that was used when depositing funds. In the case of withdrawing an amount bigger than the deposit amount the excess amount is sent via a different money transfer method.

5 KS-SECURITES  may charge any fees for deposits or withdrawals. If any fees are applied they are charged by the payment gateway vendor, bank or credit card company. KS-SECURITES  does not cover these charges. These charges are covered by the end sender/receiver of the funds.

  1. In case any illegal financial activity is suspected, we reserve a right to delay the deposit and withdrawal until the investigation is completed.
  2. In case a client`s deposit cannot be withdrawn via the same method as the one used for the initial deposit, we reserve the right to delay the withdrawal until we carry out an anti-money laundering investigation.
  3. If the Client does not trade sufficient trade volume in his/her trading account fund withdrawals can only be sent into the same payment gateway that was used when depositing into the account. The level of ‘sufficient trade volume’ is established by the Company at its own discretion.
  4. The Company reserves the right to deduct from the trading account an amount as compensation, if the account did not trade sufficient trade volume, and the account was used for the purpose of converting funds from one payment gateway into another. The ‘sufficient trade volume’ is established by the Company at its own discretion.

Joint Accounts

If more than one natural person executes this Agreement as the Customer, all such natural persons agree to be jointly and severally liable for the obligations assumed in this Agreement. If this Agreement is executed by a trust, unincorporated association, partnership, custodian or other fiduciary, such the Customer hereby agrees to indemnify, defend, save and hold free and harmless KS-SECURITES  for any liabilities, claims, losses, damages costs and expenses, including attorneys' fees, resulting directly or indirectly from breach of any fiduciary or similar duty or obligation or any allegation thereof, including attorneys' fees.


The Customer agrees and acknowledges that all conversations regarding the Customer's account(s) between the Customer and KS-SECURITES  personnel may be electronically recorded with or without the use of an automatic tone-warning device. The Customer further agrees to the use of such recordings and transcripts thereof as evidence by either party in connection with any dispute or proceeding that may arise involving the Customer or KS-SECURITES . The Customer understands that KS-SECURITES  destroys such recordings at regular intervals in accordance with KS-SECURITES  established business procedures and the Customer hereby consents to such destruction.

Inter-banking system rules

  1. All transactions under this Agreement shall be subject to the constitution, by-laws, rules, regulations, customs, usage, rulings and interpretations of the counter-party institution or other inter-bank market (and its clearing organization, if any) where executed and to all applicable laws and regulations.
  2. If any statute shall hereafter be enacted or any rule or regulation be adopted by any governmental authority, or if a contract market or clearing organization shall become binding upon the Company and shall affect, in any manner, or be inconsistent with any of the provisions hereof, the affected provisions of this Agreement shall be deemed modified or superseded, as the case may be, by the applicable provisions of such statute, rule or regulation, and all other provisions of this Agreement and provisions so modified shall, in all respects, continue to be in full force and effect.

Trading Recommendations

The Customer acknowledges that:

  1. Any market recommendations and information communicated to the Customer by KS-SECURITES or by any person within the company, does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any Traded Contracts.
  2. Such recommendation and information, although based upon information obtained from sources believed by KS-SECURITES to be reliable, may be based solely on a broker's opinion and that such information may be incomplete and may be unverified, and
  3. KS-SECURITES makes no representation, warranty or guarantee as to, and shall not be responsible for, the accuracy or completeness of any information or trading recommendation furnished to the Customer. The Customer acknowledges that KS-SECURITES and/or its officers, directors, affiliates, associates, stockholders or representatives may have a position in or may intend to buy or sell currencies, which are the subject of market recommendations furnished to the Customer, and that the market position of KS-SECURITES  or any such officer, director, affiliate, associate, stockholder or representative may not be consistent with the recommendations furnished to the Customer by KS-SECURITES .
  4. The Customer acknowledges that KS-SECURITES makes no representations concerning the tax implications or treatment of Traded Contracts.

Prohibited Trading

  1. The Customer agrees and acknowledges that the service provided by KS-SECURITES to the Customer hereunder is not adapted for certain trading techniques commonly known as "picking/sniping", "scalping" or the use of certain automated trading systems or “Expert Advisors”. In the event of the Customer employing such techniques, the Customer agrees and acknowledges that KS-SECURITES may at KS-SECURITES 's sole discretion take one or more, or any portion of, the following actions:
  2. close the Customer's account;
  3. suspend the Customer's account for an indefinite period of time;
  4. carry out an investigation on the Customer's account for an indefinite period of time;
  5. charge a penalty fee to the Customer in the same or greater amount of money that resulted from the Customer using such techniques or e. close the account, confiscate any profits that arose from prohibited trading techniques and return the original deposit(s) to the account holder. If profits arising out of Prohibited Trading were already withdrawn, profits can be confiscated from the client’s related accounts in order to make up for the difference.

Assurances and Guarantees

The client assures and guarantees that:

  1. The funds belong to the client and are free of any lien, charge, pledge or any other encumbrance
  2. The funds are not the direct or indirect proceeds of any illegal act or omission or product of any criminal activity
  3. The client guarantees the authenticity and validity of any document sent to KS-SECURITES during the account opening process and also during the life of the trading account.


KS-SECURITES  notices all clients and traders that leveraged trading and trading on CFDs carries high level of risk and is not suitable for everyone. KS-SECURITES  highly recommends reading carefully and understanding the above risk disclaimer before you start trading with us, or at any other Forex company. Understanding the risks of leveraged trading is essential for each and every client who decides to trade with us, and it’s the client's responsibility to learn and understand them. Moreover, we recommend researching additional resources in order to obtain all necessary information concerning Forex trading and the possible risks.

1. General Acknowledgement:

Technical issues

KS-SECURITES  will not take responsibility in case of technological issues of any kind, including server problems, connection issues, and electronic or communication issues of any kind. Among client's responsibilities for technical issues are:

  1. Hardware and software failures
  2. Poor internet connection of both client's and company's servers
  3. Wrong settings made by the customer
  4. Delayed client's terminal updates

Trading Platform

The customer acknowledges that only one order can be issued at a time, and any further orders made before receiving a confirmation notice will not be issued. The customer also acknowledges that in the case of a lack of transaction approval, the proceeding of a repeat transaction may lead to the opening of two positions instead of one.

Force Majeure

The customer agrees that in a case of force majeure the customer will absorb any financial loses at his trading account.

Capital loss

The customer acknowledges that trading Forex may lead to the loss of the entire invested capital. Therefore, the client must not invest an amount of money higher than what he is willing to lose.

Online Trading

Online transactions, money transfers and trading carries risks. The customer should know that the online networking is exposed to hackering and other malicious sabotages.


The information presented at this website or at the links on this website is only general and cannot be treated as absolute. It is the customer's responsibility to require all necessary information concerning issues related to Forex trading from the company, and it is the company's responsibility to provide all non-confidential information it obtains concerning Forex trading.

2. Foreign Exchange Trading Risks:

Leveraged Trading

Trading on leveraged products causes significant changes in clients' accounts even if the trading instrument shows only minor change. This way, even minor changes may lead to great losses. In order to reduce risks, it is recommended to maintain a margin of not less than 1,000%, and place Stop Loss in order to manage possible losses.

High Volatility

In certain times and certain products, high volatility market is expected. Therefore, in some cases, a Stop Loss order may not be possible to execute, and in extreme market conditions the customer may suffer greater than expected losses.


In some cases orders may not be executed at the requested price due to low demand, or too fast price movements. This may happen in times of extreme market conditions and fundamental announcements. KS-SECURITES  will then execute the order at the closest possible price to the requested price.

Foreign Markets

Markets which the customer is not familiar with, may care hidden or unexpected risks. It is the customer's responsibility to be aware of all risks of Foreign markets relevant to him.


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Trades Execution

Under certain circumstances it may be hard or impossible to execute an order at the requested price. The customer must know that in such cases, the order will be executed at the closest available price. This may lead to gaps or losses in the position.


Every trading account across the foreign exchange market uses margin to execute trades. It is important for all traders to comprehend the way in which margin works, and how it can affect your ability to trade as well as the level of risk applied to the portfolio, relative to the quantity of funds in the account at any given time. The leverage applied to the account will determine the amount of margin available to the trader. In addition to general leverage settings for an account, each asset carries a specific leverage level, which supersedes the account leverage. In other words, if an account has a leverage of 300:1, but the asset being traded is Crude oil, which carries a leverage level of 50:1, the trader will automatically be limited to the leverage of the asset (the lowest between the two).

In order to provide a better understanding of Margin levels, and their importance to the success of every portfolio, please read the example below:

Example: A trader operates a portfolio with a balance of $10,000. The leverage on the account is 1:300. If the trader opens a position of 1 lot (100,000 base currency) in either direction, the margin requirements for this trade will be calculated as follows:

Trade #1


Volume = 1 lot = 100,000 Base Currency

Leverage = 1:300

Margin = Volume / Leverage

Margin = $100,000 / 300

Margin = $333.33*

*Since the BASE currency of the currency pair USDJPY is USD, and the portfolio is also in USD, there is no need for a conversion.

Example with currency conversion

Trade #2:

SELL 1 Lot EURUSD at 1.3700

Volume = 1 lot = 100,000 Base Currency

Leverage = 1:300

Margin = Volume / Leverage

Margin = 100,000 EUR / 300

Margin = 333.33 EUR

Margin = (333.33)*(1.3700)

Margin = $456.67

It is important for every trader to understand the functionality of margin requirements in every trade executed within a portfolio. At times, overuse of margin levels can hinder a trader’s ability to act freely across their account. Proper portfolio management requires diligent risk management, in order to avoid placing the entire account at risk of loss.


If a client has used a large amount of the margin within an account, or the position is at a loss to a degree that places the entire portfolio at risk, KS-SECURITES  will try to contact the client*, in an attempt to preserve the funds within the account. Once an account reaches $0, all positions within the account will automaticity be closed, as a result of a lack of funds. At the point of Margin Call, a trader has several options: Either to close some or all of the positions at a loss in order to avoid risking the entire portfolio, or deposit additional funds, with the purpose of allowing for market movements to reverse in the other direction prior to the zeroing of the account.

*KS-SECURITES  is not responsible for inability to reach a trader with low margin levels. KS-SECURITES  will attempt to contact the client, out of a gesture of good faith, in order to preserve the client’s funds, but cannot offer a guarantee that the client can be reached.


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